I pondered whether to send a MMMM on Christmas Eve but, in case you are still tuning in, here goes, some thoughts on enjoying what there is to enjoy this festive season …

  • Cut yourself some slack if you are responsible for Christmas and all its trimmings, approximate perfection will do, and even burnt offerings should be accepted by loved ones.
  • Ask for support and help – in the days before dishwashers all of us cousins would wash up together and it was a chance for us to get away from the ‘grown ups’ and have a laugh.
  • Do your Christmas traditions or create new ones. We always play silly games, which everyone can enjoy.
  • If you want to spend Christmas alone do so – I know a couple of people who prefer this, rather than feeling they are the spare wheel in other people’s family gatherings.
  • Giving is receiving – the same part of our brain lights up when we give, as when we receive, not just presents but by helping others. So, to feel great, be willing to do more for others.

 Finally, as the 13th Century Buddhist, Nichiren Daishonin said to one of his loyal followers who endured many challenges:

‘Though worldly troubles may arise, never let them disturb you. No one can avoid problems, not even sages or worthies.

Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life.’

 So, enjoy what there is, forget the rest!

Wishing you a wonderful festive time, whatever it involves – and in case you find yourself ill this Christmas and missed my 10 December MMMM which was about finding the Joy in the Shit – take a look at: https://www.inspiretransformation.co.uk/page/finding-the-joy-in-the-shit/

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